Hello all,


The Red River Chapter of SACC was launched at the Sulpher Springs meeting on 10/27/2012.

Boundaries include North and East Texas and Oklahoma.

We are the 8th SACC chapter and will be recognized at the SACC national convention in Memphis, July 25-27, 2013.



We had the regional rep, Doc Hollada, as well as 10 members present with another 8 signed up.


Plans call for one of our annual meeting to coincide with the Sulpher Springs car show as there were 86 Corvettes at the last show.  Next year is being organized as an all Corvette venue which looks like a great time to load it up with solid axles.


We are also looking at a spring road tour of SE Oklahoma, NE Texas as a possibility.


Both National and Chapter applications available for downloading and printing from this site.

We accept membership checks for both Red River Chapter and National.

Dues can be sent to me at the address below.


October 27, 2012

Red River Chapter-SACC Organizational Meeting

 -Initial officers serve in staggered terms.

     -Tom Lainson President

     -Verle Randolph VP

     -Mary Jeanne Entrekin Secy/Treas


-The chapter will collect National and Chapter dues.  Chapter dues $20/year.

-website to be worked out.

-newsletter to be worked out.


Please feel free to call with any questions, or prospective members.

I need volunteers for tech sessions and newsletter material so email me if you can contribute.


Tom Lainson

9030 Maple Glen Dr.

Dallas, TX. 75231



214-862-3555 cell