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66 Corvette Front Grill $65.00
59 Corvette Heater Motor $75.00
Ecklers mid-year Hood
with 8 070 LT-1 type scoop $175.00
Aluminum Radiator by Bee-Cool - $350.00
Call Tom Douglas @ 972-985-7915


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Posted  2008  Rebuild Repair

VACUUM ACTUATORS  --  Headlight and windshield wiper vacuum actuators professionally rebuilt and restored for 1968 through 1982 Corvettes. I rebuild windshield wiper door and headlight door vacuum actuators.  Actuators refinished to original color and rebuilt.  I can refurbish yours, or provide replacements.  Call Bob at (972) 377-2096 or (210) 393-3958 for more information.         Bob Demmel 



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